When you are in ketosis, you’ll be restricting your carb intake. This will stop your muscles from accessing sugar which your body heavily relies on.

When your muscles don’t have enough fuel (glucose in this case) the ability for them to handle high intensity exercise is limited.

Any high intensity exercise over 10 seconds should be avoided. You do not need hard exercise to lose weight. The keto diet is so powerful that the fat will still melt off.

You may engage in activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, etc. As long as you maintain a moderate pace, you’ll not be taxing your body. Weight training is great too. Just don’t overdo it.

Low intensity aerobic exercises are great. So are yoga and Pilates sessions. Stability exercises are good too.

Once you’re fully keto-adapted, you can progress on to higher-intensity training. It’s always during the initial stages when you have to be most careful

As mentioned earlier, Tyson Fury who was prepping for his fight in December 2018 was consuming 5500 calories a day but exercising non-stop. He still lost 140 pounds and became fighting fit.

The keto diet and exercising can really drop the weight off. If you feel dizzy or something is not right, stop and assess your situation. If needed, seek professional medical advice.